Our network partners

Freiburg Institut

Dr. Peter Behrendt founded the Freiburg Institute and heads it as managing director. The industrial and organisational psychologist researches and advises on the success factors of leadership, coaching and innovation. He has several years of experience as an organisational consultant and personnel manager. At the German Coaching Award 2012 his coaching research and 2014 his leadership development programmes were awarded as one of the three best coaching concepts. +49 761 55729413

Kingsway English Centre

Kingsway English Centre – English Training for Professionals We can unlock the English that you learned in school all those years ago and help you make it really work for you both in work and social situations.We specialize in speaking and listening, changing theoretical English learned from books into practical English that really helps you in your business performance. A safe, friendly and relaxed environment where you can make mistakes, laugh, learn and succeed. Typical age range 29 – 65 years old, average age 43 years old.

Allianz für WERTEorientierte Demokratie (German for Alliance for VALUE-based democracy / AllWeDo) e.V. believes in democracy and stands with its work for appreciative behavior and action, trusting cooperation, honest and authentic communication and clear, VALUE-oriented leadership – between individuals, in organizations and in society.


Florian Paul is a consultant and trainer with a passion. He is driven by the people in the company – helping them to become better at what they do.

“I have an eye for new things and think in a solution-oriented way. My positive and direct manner helps to quickly get to the core”.


Herr Dr. Pobel is a close network partner of hrd mowat since 2001. He designs employee surveys and supports medium-sized companies in implementing the results. He also supports the hrd mowat team as a coach and trainer for executives.